Brief Introduction of Patent Protection Association of China

Patent Protection Association of China (PPAC) was founded in Beijing on October 9, 2003.

Under the leadership of the State Intellectual Property Office and approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, PPAC is an organization formed voluntarily by various enterprises and patent workers. As a non-governmental and non-profit making organization, PPAC acts as a link between the government and enterprises in China for the benefit of enterprises in patent protection.

  Abiding by the Constitution of China and laws on intellectual property and maintaining legal rights of its members, PPAC provides its members with special service in patent protection, increases the mutual understanding and cooperation between the government and its members, promotes inventive and innovative activities in China by effectively using the patent system and cultivates a large of number of enterprises with their own patent inventions, thus promoting national economic development and enhancing the competitiveness of the whole nation. The aim of PPAC is to establish its reputation of service of credibility, fairness, efficiency and innovation.

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  The main task of PPAC is to safeguard the legal rights and interest of the members, introduce the members to enhance the intellectual property protection both in their market competitiveness and respecting other's rights. PPAC provides and exchanges information with the government. It also makes suggestions to related government institutions. It participates in international activities on behalf of the members and to aid the members to solve the problem on intellectual property. It gives patent consultation and feasibility studies, organizes training courses and international exchange programs, and other related services.

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The services are as follows:
·PPAC promotes intellectual property information exchange, analyzes and makes research efficiently from public information resources. It provides newsletter "Intellectual Property Information" on paper and through internet to the members.

·According to requirements from the members, PPAC holds training courses, seminars and case studies and invites foreign experts and entrepreneurs coming to China to give lectures for the members.

·According to requirements from the members, PPAC provides the latest patent information, patent contract guide, technology secret protection testifying, patent trust evaluation and patent early warning, and so on.

·PPAC provides legal aid that differentiates from judicature and administrative law-enforcing departments of the government in significant patent infringements. It organizes and coordinates the members to take part in the international lawsuit on patent according to requirements of members and authorized by the government. It investigates and accommodates the patent infringement cases encountered by the members.

·It promotes the international exchange and cooperation on intellectual property protection and organizes visits of the members to abroad to investigate foreign intellectual property protection.

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Membership & Comprehensive Administration Department

The Membership & Comprehensive Administration Department is responsible of constructing the organization of PPAC and management, holding activities periodically on intellectual property especially in patent. This department engages making policy and project of the PPAC. It is also responsible of comprehensive management of inner and external affairs
Director:Zhang Xueli
Tel:0086 10 62083629
Fax:0086 10 62083554

Cooperation & Exchange Department

The Cooperation & Exchange Department is responsible of international exchange activities on patent protection. It edits and disseminates newsletters of the PPAC. The web site and internet information service is included in this department.
Director:Cui Jianjun
Tel:0086 10 62083626
Fax: 0086 10 62083541

Legal Affairs Department

The Legal Affairs Department provides legal aid of patent. It includes consultation of lawsuit for members on technology transferring, licensing and other special related requirement on patent.
Director:Yu Ping
Tel:0086 10 62083523
Fax: 0086 10 62083554
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